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The Strayed - adventure platformer game

The main hero of the game a young guy Mr.J and his Mrs. are going to rest in a small island. But on the way the fall in the zone where Mrs.J is kidnapped by mysterious creatures, and Mr.J gets to the island, where he will find his Mrs. and save her from the evil creatures. He will find the way in dark caves, where he meets ugliest critters in the deep of the earth. He must explore an ancient temple, where he guesses the secret that is hidden in there. In this way he will collect the numerous bonus,coins and ancient artifacts. This island is full of secrets and mysteries that the main hero will guess them

  • Classic platformer in best traditions of genre
  • Old scool style
  • Original storyline
  • 30 engrossing levels
  • Collect numerous bonus
  • Game with early development access

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