Devlog #1 – Next realese notes and current jobs

Currently we are working on a new release of the game, which we hope will be finish in a month. The new update will include many improvements, many bug fixes, improved GUI elements and dialog windows. The main goal of update is: a new location – caves, new character – Merchant, Tribal leader, Well of Life keeper, new enemies, new weapons, new player control abilities, Mr. J now can collect treasures for sell

New characters – Zombie

Zombies – Former villagers who have bewitched by the ancient spirit from the depths of the caves. Now they are zombies and live underground in caves, guarding the chambers of the evil spirit and prevent the passage of strangers.

Characters – Warriors

Warriors are servants of the unknown power of the island. They are everywhere on the island. When we closer get to the center of the island, where is located the ancient temple, the warriors became stronger and bigger.

Better graphics- added lighting

Mines levels now looks much better with lights


New WIP location – Caves

New location – Caves. In caves we will find new different things. There will be difficult quests, danger traps, crowds of zombies, who won’t give us a pass. One of them is especially dangerous and terrible. In addition to the zombies in the caves, we will meet other dangerous enemies. In the end we have to fight with the ancient creature.

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